Our commitment

The strength of the team, the solidity of Gératek

At Gératek, we refuse to rest on our laurels. Whether in our administrative offices or on building sites, we are constantly looking for ways to improve in the following fields:

  • Management software
  • Materials
  • High-performance building processes

Not only is Gératek always up-to-date on new ways of doing things, we are also fine-tuning innovative techniques or tools that allow us tu surpass ourselves. And it is by drawing on the invaluable resources of our team that we often find the best ideas.

“We have tasked a consultant to sound out our employees. This allowed their own vision of the company to emerge, the improvements they would bring, how they envision the company’s future. As shareholders, we have a broad and long-term way of seeing Gératek; getting the point of view of people in the field brings new light… and excellent suggestions!”

David Gosselin, president, and Charlotte Angers, director of finances

The consultant’s contribution adds to in-house efforts to optimize every operation. Over the last seven years, each sector was reevaluated in order to bring improvements to it. Evey employee possesses his or her own expertise, which allows them to offer suggestions to optimize their work with a constant concern for fully satisfying the clients.