Relationships built on trust, the foundation of Gératek’s success

As a building contractor for industrial, commercial and institutional projects, at Gératek we go beyond our basic mandate to build. We see our clients as partners with whom we work in close collaboration to precisely outline their needs and to structure the development of their  project. Our expertise is there for them at every step, and allows us to suggest improvement to the original projects.

“During the first meeting I ask a lot of questions to better understand all the needs. I think of elements not part of the actual building but pertaining to the services that will derive from it.  We can estimate costs from just a sketch, which allows the client to quickly start canvassing for financing  to see if the project can be carried out as is or if it needs changes. In short, our knowledge and our rich experience help improve every project.”
David Gosselin, president of Gératek.

Each member of our team is committed to offering his know-how and his abilities to see your buliding project to its finish. That is why Gératek picks its personnel with great care. In order for an employee to be able to give the best he can, he must be fully trusted. He will then take part more fully in the growth of the company. Today, experienced employees and energetic new workers make up an oustanding team that makes Gératek one of the most respected building companies.