Our expertise

Innovation is our trademark

With the help of its team, Gératek continually innovates to serve its clientele on every level: technical, management, security and environment. Our company has developed a high sensitivity for architecture and structure as well as a recognized competence in project management.

Over the last thirty years, Gératek has broadened its market end developed an expertise in several sectors of activity, industrial, commercial and institutional, while applying new technologies and enlarging its team.

From industrial to commercial, then institutional

Recognized at first for its industrial achievements, little by little Gératek won the respect of its peers and its customers in other construction sectors. Its turnkey service ant the quality of its accomplishments, in keeping with schedules and budgets, have built its fine reputation.

“By acting as manager for projects in their entirety, we bring in a new dynamic: we serve as both general contractor and consultant. We know all aspects of construction well, and we work with all trade associations.”

Working along with the client

Gératek constantly works in close connection with the client. We establish a close construction partnership with him, a service we provide to optimize execution of projects in cost control mode, including fast track projects. We value the participation of the client, who has all the elbow room needed to make informed choices.

At Gératek, we not only set high quality standards: our relationships are built on trust.