Precision Acura

Estrie, Sherbrooke

Gératek completes its art in the construction of automobile concessions with its last realization having sign on the Bourque boulevard in Sherbrooke: Precision Acura. The construction of the new Precision Acura is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful projects realized […]

Building Date: March - July 2012

St-Ambroise Pub

Granby, Montérégie

The challenge Building a new terrace and enlarging the kitchens installations is doubtless one of the beautiful realizations of Gératek on Granby’s Main street. Besides, our team had to show a great capacity of organization to realize the works without […]

Sani-Estrie transbording facility

Estrie, Sherbrooke

The challenge The main challenge met in the construction of Sani-Esrie transbording facility consisted in setting up 23 feet high foundations walls, banked up only halfway and having no visible reinforcement. Also, we realized an on ground paving stone with […]

Building Date: September 2012 - Décembre 2012

Tim Horton / Couche-Tard

Estrie, Windsor

The challenge The main challenge surrounding the construction of that base building was undoubtedly to build it without having the plans of the futur arrangements. Furthermore, the ground in place had not a big carrying capacity and forced us to […]

New offices for the Eastern Township School Board

Estrie, Magog

The Challenge The main challenge surrounding the arrangement of the Eastern Townships School Board lay undoubtedly in the fact of giving a second life and new vocation for the Magog Barmish old industrial building. This realization, in a design inspired […]

Building Date: March - June 2012


In recent years, Gératek has acquired a lot of experience in constructing new buildings for car dealerships as well as in renovating ot adding extensions to existing structures. Our clients are car dealers from the Estern Townships and the Montérégie areas.

Building Date: February 2005 - April 2012

Extension to La Ruche secondary school


To ensure the success of this constantly evolving project, Gératek work in close collaboration with all involved players. The school’s sports complex will include a semi-olympic pool and a synthetic soccer field.

Building Date: Ongoing project

Simon Grégoire & David Thibault Proxim Drugstore

Estrie, Sherbrooke

Proxim is a major group of independent pharmacists which priority is the professional practice. The pharmacy offers a range of flexibles services that are adapted to the changeable realities of the market, so that each can reach the excellence in […]

Building Date: January 2012 - May 2012

Élite Chrysler Jeep Dodge/Fiat dealership

Estrie, Sherbrooke

The case of Élite Chrysler in Saint-Élie-d’Orford entailed specific challenges. We had to build an extension to house the first Fiat concession in the Eastern Townships.

Building Date: Nov 2010 - April 2012

Toshiba Room (CHUS)

Montréal, Sherbrooke

A major project for Gératek, building the Toshiba room presented many challenges. The team strived to generate as little dirt as possible to keep within the hygiene standards of a health care venue.

Building Date: 2009