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May 2010 - June 2011

98-Unit apartment building


The challenge

The water wall in the entrance hall was not part of the initial plans, and this 20-feet-high by  17-feet-wide structure represented a good-sized challenge for project manager Lucie Richard:

We worked hard to obtain all the necessary information because we wanted something that would be grand as well as functional and durable. Another challenge was the weather; I remember that spring as being cold and rainy. We had to adjust our work to meet the deadline. For example, aluminum panels should ideally be made to measure once the masonry work is done, but if we had waited for the masons to be through, we wouldn’t have finished on time. So we gave the masons very precise indications, and that allowed us to order the aluminum panels immediately.

Description du projet

Gaétan Dion of Immeubles G. Dion inc. was dreaming of a building that would stand out, an apartment building in the spirit of chic grand hotels. The entrance hall sets the tone with its water wall and magnificent chandelier found in Las Vegas!

The project required 18 months of preparation, and a bit more again for the actual construction. Gératek fully understood Mr. Dion’s needs, and even suggested avant-garde materials such as the nonskid, soundproofing flooring around the inside pool.