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Building Date
June 2007 - September 2008

Centre de design et innovation Laurent-Beaudoin


The challenge

With the results of a value engineering study, Gératek was able to maximize budgets and shorten delivery time.

Project description

The Centre de design et d’innovation Laurent-Beaudoin is an avant-garde venue  that brings together the research and development activities of BRP.

It constitutes a real power of attraction for the best designers in the world: 15% of its personnel are from outside Québec, hailing from all corners of the world. The center is where the  various phases of product development are carried out, from idea to model, from prototype to assembly line.

It’s a very high-tech building that was executed in partnership with the client. The ultramodern center has a surface of 5,000 sqaure meters (54,000 square feet) and a value of $15 million. Gératek oversaw decontamination of the grounds and relocation of service infrastructures (power lines, optic fiber, sanitary installations, etc.).

Impact on the community

The creation of the design center allows BRP to pursue its tradition of contributing to the economic development of the region by attracting talent from all over the world.

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