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Building Date
July 2008 - March 2009

Emploi-Québec building


The challenge

Gératek’s mission was to construct a building with a 20-meter by 20-meter overhang to allow the city buses to circulate under it. The team had to work in restricted space while meeting safety norms.

In particular, the excavation caused some headaches for foreman André Poulin: thirty pillars had to be planted, quite a challenge by virtue of the restricted space and the risk of rock slides. Furthermore, the proximity of other buildings and human presence (pedestrians and drivers on King Street, buses and commuters) demanded constant vigilance on the part of Gératek to ensure the safety of both workers and people circulating near the building site.

Project description

The four-level, 70,000-square-foot building had to fit into the City of Sherbrooke urban development plan. It replaced a old restaurant that had been vacant for several years. The Gératek team brought the project to its conclusion by borrowing on the neighboring lot and complying to all of the owner’s requirements.