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Building Date
March - September 2009

Square 100-T

Estrie, Sherbrooke

The challenge

“The challenge resided mostly in the buildings’ architecture. It was somewhat complicated to build and install the mansards, but we had experienced people to do it. We also delivered this project in record time. I am proud of the end result, and these buildings are magnificent.”

Mario Angers, foreman

Project description

The Square 100-T project comprises two 31-unit appartment buildings near the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke (CHUS). These structures present some architectural characteristics that challenged the Gératek team.

High-end constructions, the buildings of Square 100-T have a stone covering and several mansards on all sides as well as arches at the bottom of the walls.

Impact on the community

The buidings were constructed according to Novoclimat norms in order to offer tenants a quality environment with low energy consumption and superior soundproofing.