Project Type: Industrial Projects

Many companies turn to us, including Bombardier Recreational Products, Cascades, Domtar, Waterville TG, and others. We pair our extensive experience with cutting-edge technologies so that our specialists can boost the profitability of your investment.

Sani-Estrie transbording facility

Estrie, Sherbrooke

The challenge The main challenge met in the construction of Sani-Esrie transbording facility consisted in setting up 23 feet high foundations walls, banked up only halfway and having no visible reinforcement. Also, we realized an on ground paving stone with […]

Building Date: September 2012 - Décembre 2012
Agrandissement de l’usine et des quais de réception de Aliments Altima

Aliments Ultima inc.


The project was carried out in four phases in order to maintain the business’s activities. The extension concerned the plant and its unloading bays, 11 of which are vertical bays.

Building Date: Nov 2010 - Sept 2011
Photo d'une réalisation de Construction Gératek, l'usine pilote Domtar

Domtar (pilot NCC plant)


Gératek is proud of having participated in the construction of this building that is unique in the world and has become the nervous center of research on nanocrystalline cellulose. With its atypical combination of wood and galvanized steel, the builduing is made of superior quality materials.

Building Date: February - June 2011
Photo d'une réalisation de Construction Gératek, le Projet Hydra 3 de Cascades

Cascades (Hydra 3 project)

East Angus

This technically complex project required perfect performance on the part of Gératek. After installing retaining walls, the team had to dig down to a depth of 24 feet.

Building Date: June 2010 - January 2011
Photo d'une réalisation de Construction Gératek, l'usine Inter-Provincial

Inter-Provincial plant renovation


Thanks to its excellent capability to adapt, Gératek answered all of the client’s needs, which kept adding up as the work advanced. In spite of a very short time frame, Gératek executed the work ,eticoulously to protect the existing heating system.

Building Date: May - August 2010
Vue extérieure de Les viandes Laroche

Viandes Laroche


Before going into this first his venture in the agri-food sector, the Gératek team assembled all the information relative to construction and hygiene norms for that sector. This preparation allowed to build installations that surpass the projected performance levels.

Building Date: October 2009 - April 2010
Centre de design et d'innovation Laurent-Beaudoin

Centre de design et innovation Laurent-Beaudoin


Built in partnership with BRP, the design and innovation center, with its ultramodern look and high-tech installations, attracts the best designers in the world. Gératek also oversaw decontamination of the grounds and relocation of service infrastructures.

Building Date: June 2007 - September 2008

BRP corporate campus


The contemporary construction, built according to modern techniques, is a replica of the original plant. This brought Gératek to develop a mechanical and structural system that could be easily concealed and perfectly adapted to its environment.

Building Date: May - September 2004