Project Type: Institutional Projects

Gératek has carried out a significant number of projects in the institutional sector. Based on our extensive involvement in this sector, we can guarantee we will be able to meet or exceed your requirements.

New offices for the Eastern Township School Board

Estrie, Magog

The Challenge The main challenge surrounding the arrangement of the Eastern Townships School Board lay undoubtedly in the fact of giving a second life and new vocation for the Magog Barmish old industrial building. This realization, in a design inspired […]

Building Date: March - June 2012

Extension to La Ruche secondary school


To ensure the success of this constantly evolving project, Gératek work in close collaboration with all involved players. The school’s sports complex will include a semi-olympic pool and a synthetic soccer field.

Building Date: Ongoing project

Toshiba Room (CHUS)

Montréal, Sherbrooke

A major project for Gératek, building the Toshiba room presented many challenges. The team strived to generate as little dirt as possible to keep within the hygiene standards of a health care venue.

Building Date: 2009
Poste de police de la Ville de Sherbrooke

Sherbrooke police headquarters


Gératek obtained the collaboration of experts for the construction of this very unique building. The project required the use of specialty materials to answer the police’s specific needs.

Building Date: April 2010 - June 2011
Façade côté gauche

Thibault GM Sports Complex


Nothing was left to chance in working-out this innovative sports complex. Built to answer eco-energetic concerns and to ensure user and spectator comfort, the construction benefitted from Gératek’s rigourous management methods.

Building Date: June 2010 - May 2011
Photo d'une réalisation de Construction Gératek, la nouvelle bâtisse de l'École Vision

École Vision new school building


Student safety was the prime concern for Gératek throughout every step of the work. Construction was carried out in two phases so it could be well coordinated with the school activities.

Building Date: June 2007 - Dec 2009
Photo d'une réalisation de Construction Gératek, l'édifice Emploi-Québec

Emploi-Québec building


Gératek took up the challenge of integrating this four-story building at the heart of the Société de transport de Sherbrooke bus terminal while fitting into the City’s urban development plan. The team managed to work in restricted space and ensure safety for workers and passersby.

Building Date: July 2008 - March 2009
Photo d'une réalisation de Construction Gératek, la Caisse Desjardins de Cookshire

Caisse Desjardins des Hauts-Boisés in Cookshire


The circular roof presented quite a challenge and brought the Gératek team to a different way of doing things. The building was constructed following LEED standards, and a maximum of local materials were used.

Building Date: August - December 2008
Buanderie CHUS

CHUS laundry


Gératek was responsible for part of this major project, and made sure that moving the existing laudry to a new venue went smoothly. A veritable plant on the hospital grounds, the new CHUS laundry is fitted with highly specialized equipment.

Building Date: May - Dec 2007
Ambulance de l'Estrie

Ambulance de l’Estrie


On the one hand, the building had to meet strict norms and, on the other had, be both comfortable and fuctional. As well as regrouping under one roof all the installations needed for ambulance personnel, the building houses a powerful generator to ensure its autonomy.

Building Date: November 2006 - August 2007